Yellow Jacket Pest Control

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Yellow Jackets

To kill yellowjackets, you must treat the nest. Yellowjackets will defend their nest with great aggression. Because yellowjackets are very aggressive, it is best for the nest to be treated by a professional. The yellowjackets are quickly killed by a rapid-acting insecticide. The nest can then be safely filled with dirt and, in the cases of yellowjackets nesting in the air, removed from any cavity or structure.

Identifying Yellow Jackets

The nest type or the size of the yellowjacket’s nest can help identify them. The yellowjackets create their nests out of a paperlike substance. The nests can be found in an existing hole or rodent burrow. The nests contain many cells for yellowjacket larvae to be raised. They are covered with a paper envelope, similar to a brown-faced hornet nest. In the case of the yellowjacket, however, the nest is underground. Some species of aerial nesting insects, including the German yellowjacket nest in wall cavities or other cavities. One entrance or hole can be seen by insects. The nests can’t be reused, and each one will be lost to the elements in the fall. The female will make a new nest each spring and find a protected place to rest for the winter. The insects are only 1/2 inch long, which is smaller than paper wasps and bald-faced Hornets. They are black with bright yellow markings on their faces and yellow bands encircling their abdomen. They are distinguished from other wasps/hornets by their brighter yellow markings than the white. German yellowjackets and eastern yellowjackets can easily be distinguished by the presence or absence of black dots in the yellow band on the abdomen.

Yellow Jacket Information

Yellowjackets have a social nature, meaning that their nests and colonies work together to raise young and survive. Social insects are often composed of one reproducing male and many female workers. This is true for yellowjackets as well. The honeybee is similar in its social structure. Like other social stinging insects, the Yellowjacket will aggressively defend its nest. A yellowjacket encounter can be quite painful for anyone with an allergy to insects.