Wasp Exterminator

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Fact: Wasps’ venom can actually make other wasps near you more aggressive.

Important: Before you do any major yard work, check your trees and shrubs for wasp nests. If they are found, treat them or remove them.

People are afraid of wasps due to their “sting”, which is actually a bite, that can really hurt. Sensitive people can also experience allergic reactions from wasp bites. Paper wasps won’t be aggressive (usually) unless they are protecting their nest. We don’t usually see them or their nests until too late!

Paper Wasp Nests

Protected areas that paper wasps use to build their nests include:

  • Branching from trees or bushes
  • Porch ceilings, eaves
  • Frames for windows or doors
  • Under Soffits
  • Attic rafters
  • Under deck floors
  • Railings

The paper wasps eat the cellulose in unpainted wooden fences, decks and railings in order to make their paper-like nests. To prevent paper wasps gathering cellulose around your house, treat exterior wood with an Insecticidal Soap and/or a Wood Sealer.

What To Do If Stung By A Wasp

Although the pain from Wasp bites (stings) generally subsides within 24 hours, allergic people might experience more severe reactions. To reduce the swelling and irritation caused by a wasp bite or sting, there are several things you can do:

  • Deodorant with aluminum in it (check the ingredients)
  • Paste of baking soda, water
  • Toothpaste