Silverfish Control

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Silverfish Pest Control

Effective silverfish pest control starts with accurate identification. Then, an interior and exterior pest management application is applied to silverfish breeding and harboring areas. Belleville Pest Control provides effective silverfish control in Eastern Missouri and Western Illinois.


  • Moisture Elimination: Be sure to fix any leaky pipes.
  • Sealing Cracks and Crevices
  • Remove Food Sources: This includes dead silverfish and any paper collections.
  • Vacuum

Silverfish Identification

Because they do not pose a medical risk, silverfish are considered nuisance pests. Silverfish are a common pest that infests homes. They need moisture and humidity to survive but can live for weeks without water or food. There are three types of silverfish: L. saccharina, Grey silverfish, and Fourlined silverfish.

L.saccharina eat paper and glue. They love wallpaper and can be found anywhere in the house. They also eat proteins from dead silverfish and dried beef.

Fourlined silverfish can be found both inside and out. They can be found in attics, basements, and garages. They, when outside, infest mulch around the foundation.

Grey Silverfish can be found in homes, but they cannot live outdoors. They eat papers made from plant matter, as well as animal carbs and protein. They prefer to eat man-made silk and rayon, but they also eat cotton. These silverfish can be found in HVAC ducting, which is their preferred travel route. They can thrive in both dry and wet conditions.

  • The silverfish color is between brown and silver.
  • Silverfish are soft-bodied insects with fine scales.
  • Silverfish adults can reach up to 3/4 inches in length.
  • Their bodies are oval and elongated.
  • Two antennae are found on Silverfish.

Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish infestations can be brought into homes via books, cardboard boxes, and papers that were found in infested areas. Silverfish will go through your house looking for food and will hide in cracks and crevices during the day. Silverfish tend to breed in areas that they feel protected, such as wall voids, under floors, and attics. Silverfish infestations can cause damage to:

  • Bookbindings
  • Curtains
  • Wallpaper
  • Can contaminate food (Pantry Pests).