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Adult ants can come in many sizes, but they all belong to the same species. Each one of them will be one of three colony castings: workers, queens, or males. Queens are the most fertile and lay all of the eggs for a colony. Workers are wingless females that gather food for the colony, feed the larvae, and protect it. The only job of male ants is to mate during the swarming process.

Bed Bugs

The bodies of bed bugs are oval-shaped and small, with flat sides. They do not have wings. Adults have wing pads or vestiges. They are not functional wings. Although they are brown, adults can turn reddish if fed. When they reach full size, bed bugs can move slowly and can grow to a length of about 4 to 5mm. Sometimes, bed bugs can be hard to see with your naked eye.


There are two main types of bees we see most often. You have the honeybee as well as the bumblebee. Knowing the difference between the two is important. Honeybees are small, and they don't become aggressive unless provoked. These bees collect pollen and nectar from flowers to make honey. Similar to honeybees in that they also collect nectar, pollen, and honey to produce their honey, bumblebees can be more aggressive than honeybees and don't share honey like honeybees.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are notorious for causing destruction to wooded infrastructure. To build nests, they burrow into decks and fences. The male bees cannot sting while the female carpenter bee is able to. However, the male bees will spin you around very aggressively.


There are many types and species of cockroaches to keep an eye out for in your home or office. You will need a professional to eliminate these pests. Some of the common ones you should look out for are American, Brown-Banded, German, and Oriental cockroaches.


Fleas are tiny and wingless. They measure approximately 2.5mm in size. Their bodies are reddish-brown, shiny, and covered in microscopic hairs. They are compressed to enable easy movement within animal fur. Fleas have long jumping abilities despite not having wings.


Hornets make large, greyish-brown, egg-carton-like nests. They can be seen hanging from trees and branches. Hornets need to be treated at night just as with other wasps. You cannot simply remove the nest to solve the problem. Actually, the nest can be rebuilt by any surviving wasps. It is best to remove a nest at night when all workers are present and the queen is there.


Silverfish lack wings and look fish-like. Their flat body has tapered edges on both ends. They love damp places such as bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. The small silver scales that it has on its body make this tiny insect about 1/2 inches in length.


There are more than 30,000 species of spiders. Some are smaller than a pin's head, while some are larger than the human eye. Spiders are not insects and therefore are classified as arachnids. Spiders have eight legs while bees, ants, and beetles only have six. Arachnids include scorpions, mites, and Daddy long legs. Most spiders can be colored in brown, grey, and black. Although spiders don't have bones, their tough skin acts as an outer skeleton.


People fear wasps for their stings because they can cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive. Paper wasps will not be aggressive unless they are protecting the nest. The problem is that most of us don't get to see them until it is too late. Fact: Wasps venom is a pheromone that causes other wasps around you to become more aggressive. Important: Before beginning any landscaping work, be sure to inspect your trees and shrubs and remove or treat any wasp nests.


These wasps can be found in various colors, including black and white or yellow-and-white. The yellow jackets can be 5/8" to 1” in length with a slim waist. They are the most aggressive of wasps when protecting their nests.